Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Team Architects Biography

In 2010 Philippe and Cristina started One-Team-Architects receiving several honorable mentions for Architectural Competitions they entered.

Philippe Brysse was born in 1978, Ghent, Belgium.
He studied at the Sint Lucas Hogeschool voor Wetenshap en Kunst in Gent, Belgium, where he graduated with first class honors.
During an exchange program with the TU Eindhoven, Philippe joined forces with his tutor John Lonsdale, winning the Prix de Rome for Landscape Architecture in 2001. 
He received the Reynaers Aluminium Prize with his graduation project, which allowed him to start working for Norman Foster in London.
After working at Foster and Partners for 6 years Philippe left his associate position to start a new career at MAD Architects in Beijing, China.
Philippe is currently project architect on a 70, m² luxury housing project in the yellow mountain area in China.
As a keen amateur photographer Philippe has been widely published and awarded for his architectural photographs. You can find his work on his humble flickr site

Cristina Pérez Guillén was born in 1978, Seville, Spain.
Cristina studied at the ETS of Architecture in Seville and was an Erasmus student at the ESA Paris Val-de-Seine between 2001 and 2002, gaining her Diploma in 2004. 
She initially worked with Vázquez Consuegra Arquitectos in Seville, where she realized her Final Design Project under Mr Vázquez Consuegra’s supervision. She subsequently worked at Josep Llinás i Carmona Office in Barcelona.
In 2006 Cristina joined Foster + Partners, where she was made Job Captain in April 2008.
After more than three years at Foster + Partners, she joined Austin Smith Lord (London), where she was Project Architect on the QAHR Project (Qasr Al Hosn Rehabilitation) in Abu Dhabi, UEA.

In November 2009 Cristina moved to Beijing motivated to learn from a different culture and the design boom in China. She worked briefly as Project Architect at Studio Pei Zhu. In February 2010, she joined SPARCH (former smc Alsop) as Senior Architect, where she is currently working on a 25,000m² luxury resort in Chongqing, China.

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